Music and Sound for Games

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Enrolment has ended. More information about next enrolment will be announced later. The student will learn the basic terminology and the general mindset of music and sound design in games. The student will also become acquainted with the tools and conventions to make game sounds and music in practice.

Course: KDMP0410

Credits: 5

Organizer: Jamk School of Business

To whom: JYU student, upper secondary school student, vocational student

Restriction: Previous knowledge: Personal interest, hobbyism and other competences in a field of music, sound or/and games. Some kind of background with music/sound softwares and/or musical instrument can be seen beneficial when applying to this course.

Art and Wellbeing module

Arts and Wellbeing

Registration period 8.8.2022–9.1.2023. Lectures 13.1.2023–19.5.2023. The course focuses on the wellbeing potential of arts from psychological, physiological and social quality perspectives. The course includes lectures on practical applications of arts for wellbeing as well as the latest research in the field.

Course: MUTS1101

Credits: 5

Organizer: University of Jyväskylä Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

To whom: Jamk student, JYU student