Instructions for cross-institutional studies, from JAMK to JYU

1. You have found an interesting study, enrol to JYU

After you have found an interesting course in the EduFutura online course catalogue make sure that the study unit can be included in your degree, either through proactive approval (included in the curriculum) or as optional studies. You find the cross-studying form in student-intranet Elmo.

Enrol in the study unit via the ‘JAMK student, continue here’ button.

Apply for a study unit via the ‘Continue’ button and fill in the form for applying for the right to study carefully. Use your student e-mail address.

You will be sent a decision within about a week, and if you are approved as a student, you will also be sent a separate message of this within a few days and instructions on how to start using your university credentials (strong authentication required).

Only after this can you enrol in the study unit through the university’s teaching system, Sisu. Sisu has no queuing function. We recommend reserving about two weeks of time for the entire process.

  • Establish your curriculum for EduFutura education under the section ‘Structure of studies’.
  • Go to the ‘My education’ tab and choose education separate from the faculty’s studies (if you have studies from several faculties, choose separate education for each study unit).
  • Go to ‘Study calendar’ and then to the ‘Studies not yet selected’ tab to select the studies arranged for this study unit and to add them to your calendar.
  • Compare teaching groups, choose the most suitable one, if necessary, and enrol in the studies via the Study calendar’s ‘Registration and teaching’ tab.
  • Check the study calendar after the registration period to see if you were accepted into the studies.
  • Please note that being accepted into the studies does not guarantee access to the study unit of your choice! There may be some restrictions in place regarding the registration, such as a limited number of participants. You will find out whether you have been accepted into a study unit when you are able to successfully enrol in it via the Sisu system.

2. You will study in JYU’s learning environment – dive into your studies!

 JYU credentials allow you toe.g. sign in to the learning environment and access the tools and materials you need for the studies. Now, you are ready to study!

3. Transfer your study unit and reward yourself for your new competence!

When you have completed your study unit, the course and its grade will be recorded in JYU’s system. After this, it has to be transferred to the records of your own institute at JAMK. This can be done via the Puro service, through which you can send the record of your studies to the study register of your educational institute. Here is a link to the Puro service and instructions for its use.

4. Congratulations for your study credit!

Congratulations – You have now completed a study unit at JYU. If you apply for another institute of higher education, remember to report the completed study unit to their records, too.