Student City Jyväskylä

There are over 40 000 students in city of Jyväskylä – Join us!

The best place to study!

Students enjoy living in Jyväskylä, as the city understands their value. This respect stems from the long traditions of this city of schooling and education.

Jyväskylä was the first city in Finland to establish a Finnish-speaking grammar school, teacher seminar and school for girls in the 19th century. Even today, every third working-aged resident holds a higher education degree. The study selection in the student city is extensive, and will become even more so through the cross-study opportunities becoming available through EduFutura. Students can study in four different institutes of higher education, in colleges or in studies arranged by Gradia, the third largest education provider of upper secondary school studies and

Housing in Jyväskylä

In general, the price level of housing in Jyväskylä is affordable. Student housing is mostly located in the city centre or around it. New residential buildings intended for students are being built right next to the inner city. And even if you cannot find a home in the city centre, it’s no problem. Jyväskylä has a great local public transport network and good cycling and walking routes. It is said that wherever you wish to go in Jyväskylä, you can probably get there in just 15 minutes.

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