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Build your own study path at Jyväskylä!

You can build your own study path by choosing the contents and studies that interest you the most from the selection of each EduFutura institute. As a vocational student, you can take studies in the Jamk Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences or the University of Jyväskylä.

All the courses available at other EduFutura institutes are presented in the EduFutura online course catalogue. The catalogue is mostly in Finnish-language. Your guidance counsellor and the EduFutura coordinator will help you with enrolling in the studies.

The best part – EduFutura studies are completely free!

EduFutura Jyväskylä community comprises

You, too, are an EduFutura student, a member of the EduFutura community of more than 40,000 students!

EduFutura student

EduFutura´s student promise: Individual and flexible study paths

Study courses at an institute of higher education while completing your vocational studies

You can complete higher education courses in Jamk Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences or the University of Jyväskylä. These study credits will be recognised in your vocational studies. In the future, if you apply for an EduFutura institute of higher education (JAMK, JYU), you can also include this study unit in your higher education degree studies. If you apply for another institute of higher education, remember to report the completed study unit to their records, too.

Orientation studies (1–2 ECTS credits) are primarily designed for secondary stage students. You can also complete study units intended for degree students of higher education institutes if the study unit has been made partly or fully available to upper secondary school

Why should you complete higher education studies already during your vocational studies?

  • Familiarising yourself with the field and its studies in an institute of higher education

  • An opportunity to explore studying in a higher education institute without commitment

  • Certainty for electing or eliminating some choices

  • Support for finding the right path for you

  • Developing study skills and academic capabilities

  • Potential advantage in aptitude interviews, personal statements and matriculation examinations for double degree students.

  • You can include the completed study units in your future higher education degree studies.

Higher Education Path Studies to Jamk 

As a vocational student you have a great opportunity to take courses from Jamk and after your vocational studies you can apply to Jamk.

Gradia educational fields: mechanical and production engineering, business, logistics, tourism, music, construction, restaurant and catering, social and health care, electrical and automation, information and communication technology.

At the start of your studies, you will be presented with the opportunity to take courses at other EduFutura institutes. You will be able to talk about the higher education path studies in a personal meeting with your group counsellor. If you decide to start the higher education path studies, they will begin at the start of your second school year.

Your teacher, guidance counsellor and the EduFutura coordinator at your school are happy to provide you with further information.

Higher education path studies must comprise at least 30 ECTS points. The studies consist of:

  • Common studies 10 ECTS credits: ICT capabilities (3 study credits), Working life communications (3 study credits), Working life English (4 study credits)

  • Field-specific vocational studies, at least 20 study credits

  • Additionally, you can complete your ‘learning on the job’ period towards the end of your studies (10 study credits) with higher education oriented goals.

The selection for cross-institutional studies is presented in the EduFutura online course catalogue

EduFutura’s study selection for vocational students is presented in EduFutura online course catalogue. You can choose from more than 100 study units, about half of which are orientation studies and the other half other higher education studies. You can also see the study selection of the higher education path studies.

Other oppertunities

EduFutura entrepreneurship studies break the boundaries by bringing together skilled professional and academic experts: we want workplaces to have a more entrepreneurial approach and the entrepreneurship courses in educational institutes to be filled with eager students. In these educational institutes’ joint entrepreneurial courses, future makers will find each other.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, the spearhead team of Jyväskylä Startup Factory will offer you great coaching opportunities.