Instructions for cross-institutional studies, from Gradia, Norssi to JYU, orientation studies

1. You have found an interesting study, enrol to JYU

Orientation studies (1–2 ECTS credits) have been designed for secondary stage students, in particular.
1 credit = about 27 hours of work
2 credits = about 54 hours of work
2 credits = one upper secondary school course

The contribution needed includes online and contact teaching as well as independent working.Studies mainly take place online. As a Gradia upper secondary school student, you will also have the chance to take part in the studies at an institute of higher education during the Korkeakouluviikko event (Higher Education Week).

2. Book an appointment

Book an appointment with the guidance counsellor or EduFutura coordinator through Wilma. In the meeting, make sure that the EduFutura higher education studies you are planning are suitable for you and enrol in the studies together. 

In registeration use your student e-mail. When you have registered, further instructions will be sent to you by e-mail.

Problems with signing in? Contact help services through

3. You will study in JYU’s learning environment

After registration, you can login to the Moodle learning environment and will have access to the necessary University of Jyväskylä study materials. Now you can start your studies!

4. Transfer your study unit and reward yourself for your new competence!

When you have completed your study unit, the course and its grade will be recorded in JYU’s system. After this, it has to be transferred to the records of your own institute. Sign in to your own study path via the service and share your study credit data. After you have chosen the study unit, the Koski service will create a link for the credit that you should send to your institution.

5. You have now completed a study unit at an institute of higher education!

Congratulations 🙂 You have now completed a study unit of higher education. In the future, if you apply for an EduFutura institute of higher education (JAMK, JYU), you can also include this study unit in your higher education degree studies. If you apply for another institute of higher education, remember to report the completed study unit to their records, too.