EduFutura entrepreneurship studies

EduFutura entrepreneurship studies in English: Dreams+Inspiration

Do you often think about what you want from work, where lie your ambitions and what is contemporary working life like? Dreams+Inspiration! -course (3ECTS) inspires you about your own employment. In this course you may further study your own professional dreams and get inspired about a possibility of creating your own job in incrementally changing working life full of experts and entrepreneurs. During this course students study and discuss in smaller groups. We’ll also have guests from outside university with which we are able to discuss during the course contacts.

Course also requires independent work and team work in interdisciplinary teams. Course pilot is organized in EduFutura -collaboration and it is also provided to the students of FORTHEM -Alliance universities. Course contacts are organized in Zoom, and the course platform is Teams.

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EduFutura entrepreneurship studies are open to all EduFutura students. We break the boundaries by bringing together skilled professional and academic experts: we want workplaces to have a more entrepreneurial approach and the entrepreneurship courses in educational institutes to be filled with eager students. In these educational institutes’ joint entrepreneurship courses, future makers will find each other.

EduFutura’s entrepreneurship courses have been designed by the educational institutes through the Yrittäjyys Yhdistää project (‘entrepreneurship brings people together’), and they have been held since 2016.

Through entrepreneurship studies, you will learn an entrepreneurial approach, which is essential for developing your own expertise, managing your own business and also when working for others. Join in and find the best paths for you!  

Entrepreunership for students in Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä Startup Factory, EduFutura and the cooperation between educational institutions are terms that pop up every now and then related to the word “entrepreneurship”, but why, and what does all this mean?

All this means that the City of Jyväskylä, together with Gradia, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä – secondary and higher education institutions in the Jyväskylä region – want to ensure that those interested in entrepreneurship or developing their entrepreneurial skills have the best possible means at their disposal.

From the picture you may find five different perspectives for strengthening one’s own expertise, trying entrepreneurship, starting a new business, and developing a business. The image also shows the organizer of the activities. These individual studies can mainly be selected by any student.

A broad array of entrepreneurship studies from different fields and faculties

In Gradia, you can complete a basic degree in business (180 cp) on the entrepreneurship path, apply to a high school on a team line (150 cp) or choose entrepreneurship path studies (10 cp) as part of your upper secondary school studies. You can also complete a vocational qualification in Entrepreneurship (150 cp). These are applicable only in Finnish.

At JAMK, each master’s degree includes the Future Factory module (15 ECTS). You can complete a bachelor programme in International Business, master’s degree in International business management (210 ECTS) or a Master’s degree programme in entrepreneurship and business expertise (90 ECTS).

At the University you can complete the Basic Studies on Entrepreneurship (20 ECTS) as part of your studies, Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship (120 ECTS) and Responsible Management and Business of Sport (120 ECTS).

In addition to the complete degrees or study packages mentioned above, you can also include individual entrepreneurship studies in optional studies in all educational institutions, in any degree.

Developing entrepreneurial mindset / I am interested in developing my own expertise

If you are interested in developing your own competence, check out the opportunities offered by EduFutura! There are a wide range of options from different fields and educational institutions that allow you to explore themes that interest you.

EduFutura’s entrepreneurship studies offer Dreams+Inspiration! course also in English, which could suit you! During the course, you can think about what you could do with your expertise and what kind of opportunities modern working life could offer you. The annual DreamUp -event is also a low-threshold student event for developing one’s own skills and entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship Society of Jyväskylä, or JES, also offers perspectives on entrepreneurship through various events. Spotlight is a student event that brings together students interested in entrepreneurship and developing their own competence. IDEA JKL and Discovery Tuesday are right for you if you want to try entrepreneurship in a good group and get sparring from experienced experts. JES also organizes different workshops related to entrepreneurship and working life where you can learn new skills from professionals.

I am interested in providing my own expertise to others

If you’re wondering what you can do with your expertise, the best thing is to try different things that interest you together with others. While meeting like-minded people, you get to work on topics that interest you and learn many skills that are essential in working life without noticing. In the educational institutions’ own project courses, such as JAMK’s Future Factory and JYU’s Team&Client -course, as well as in Demola at the Startup Factory, you can carry out projects for real customers in student teams.

Small step entrepreneurship

If you want to develop your idea forward, perhaps right up to the point of business, or you already have a business idea, you can try entrepreneurship for the academic year under the JA program.

At the University of Jyväskylä, a large proportion of graduates from humanities may already be freelancers during their studies, and entrepreneurship may become familiar already during their studies. Startup Day, organized by the IT Faculty’s StartUp Lab, offers the opportunity to pitch from your own business idea or research, or learn and discuss Startup -related issues.

Support for my business or business idea

When you are interested in entrepreneurship and have your own idea that you would like to develop all the way to the company, you will be suited to the school coaching at the Startup Factory, from which you will also receive credits at EduFutura educational institutions.

KS Yritysidea can be contacted at a low threshold when you need support for starting a business. The Idea Workshop is a workshop for brainstorming, Entrepreneurship workshop is a workshop that ensures the prerequisites for making a business plan and calculations. Personal meeting helps you to develop your idea further. KS Yritysidea services are free of charge.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in commercialising research results, and if preparing for Business Finland’s Research to Business application is a topical issue for you, the Research and Innovation Services of the University of Jyväskylä will help together with the Startup Factory by organising R2B sparring before the searches.

Growth entrepreneurship

Startup Factory is a Startup incubator. The 12 most promising companies can enter the incubator every year. Business Jyväskylä offers business development services for the company’s growth, development and internationalisation. An important channel for growth companies to develop a business is the Kasvu Open -programme. Unifund, the university’s own investment company, finances promising growth companies. Venture Capital networks can be accessed through the Company Factory and Unifund.