The Startup Factory’s coaching

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, do you have a business idea or are you looking for funding to build a prototype, for example? Jyväskylä Startup Factory creates opportunities for the students, staff and researchers at EduFutura institutes to test and develop their business ideas and receive support for founding and growing their own business.

The Startup Factory is a meeting place for entrepreneurship. The Startup Factory is an incubator for startup companies, where the best ideas are nursed into successful businesses through cooperation with educational institutes.

Through educational entrepreneurship coaching we will coach you on how to test and implement your idea and build your own success story. These coaching events will also grant you study and competence credits.

Our events inspire people to test and improve themselves and their business. Join us in networking and meeting others interested in entrepreneurship.

From an idea into a business

Have you dreamt of entrepreneurship, but have not yet dared to take the chance? Do you have a business idea but are uncertain of its true potential?

Idea to business (5 study credits/15 competence points) course offers you the chance to test and develop your own business idea towards establishing a company, with the support of the teacher coaches. Our coaches will help you recognise the potential in your idea and develop your idea and yourself towards establishing your own company.

In the course’s shared workshops the participants will get to refine their product and service ideas, review their potential customers and the market situation, create a business plan and consider their own strengths as entrepreneurs. The course contents are based on the participant’s business ideas and needs.

Business Coaching

Develop your business towards success through Business Coaching. Business Coaching (8 study credits / 15 competence points) is a year-long personal training for companies established by the students, researchers and staff of the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, University of Jyväskylä and Gradia. A personal coach will be appointed to each company, who will spar and coach the company forward! This coaching has a continuous application process, and you can apply by contacting your educational institute’s appointed contact person:

Product development funding

Do you have a great idea you would like to test in practice? Does the lack of funding prevent you from building a prototype? Product development funding inspires students, researchers and staff members to come up with new products and services and to present them. The Startup Factory’s Product Development Jury grants funding for the initial stages of this development work.

  • For initial tests
  • For acquiring equipment and material
  • For external specialists, etc!

Funding cannot be applied for by a company, and it cannot be used to pay for the team’s wages. The Funding Jury meets about four times a year. The criteria for granting funding are the idea’s business potential, a concrete project plan and funding targets as well as the idea owner’s commitment to the project. The funding applied for is €500–1,000 per project. Read more about Product Development Funding.


Demola Jyväskylä activates the student teams of Jyväskylä to solve the challenges of the future! Demola is an intensive study period of eight weeks during which students from institutes of higher education solve interesting challenges from the different sectors of society. The team work comprises creative development, multifaceted analysis of data, coming up with new ideas and doing quick experiments. Demola Jyväskylä projects also give you study credits.