Resource-wise and responsible bio-economy

Bioeconomy uses renewable natural resources in a sustainable way to produce bio-based products, food, energy and services. It combines wood processing, chemistry, energy, construction and technology industries as well as food and well-being solutions.

Sustainable use of environmentally friendly clean technology, renewable bio-based natural resources and immaterial natural services as well as efficient recycling of materials are characteristic to bioeconomy

Experts needed for the field of the future – bioeconomy

Finnish operators want to design competitive and sustainable solutions of bioeconomy for global problems and create new business in both Finland and in international markets, promoting well-being in the entire country.

Thanks to its plentiful renewable natural resources, high-quality competence and industrial strengths, Finland has great chances of becoming a global trailblazer of bioeconomy. These assets will help us provide solutions to global challenges caused by such phenomena as population growth, depleting natural resources, decreasing biodiversity and climate change.

The significance of the forestry sector, in particular, has always been high in Finland, and will continue as such, since more than half of Finnish bioeconomy is based on forests. Bioeconomy pushes the borders between traditional industries, creating a new kind of multidisciplinary cooperation.

Spearhead team of Resource-smart and sustainable bioeconomy

Minna Lappalainen, JAMK, chairperson
Hannariina Honkonen, JAMK
Jonne Hytönen, JYU
Petteri Järvinen, Gradia
Sami Kantanen, JAMK
Jyrki Kataja, JAMK
Janne Kotiaho, JYU
Matti Kurki, JAMK
Hanna-Leena Pesonen, JYU
Marko Saaranen, Gradia
Sirpa Vauhkala, Gradia