Renewal learning

The spearhead field of reforming learning coordinates the joint curriculum work of the EduFutura institutions and facilitates cross-studies as well as individual and flexible study paths. The spearhead field of reforming learning takes the strategic goals of EduFutura’s executive group into practice, and the practical measures needed are designed by the sub-teams

Spearhead team of renewal learning

Mari Ikonen, JYU, chairperson
Janita Hietala, JAMKO
Aija Hokkanen, JYY
Jaana Kettunen, JYU
Jukka Lerkkanen, JYU
Risto Sarvilinna, Gradia
Taina Saarikko, Gradia
Minna Sillanpää, Gradia
Sirpa Tuomi, JAMK
Katja Räsänen, EduFutura

Subteams of renewal learning

Curriculum work

coordinates the joint curriculum work of all the EduFutura institutes and develops cross-studies and their processes, for example by preparing EduFutura’s common guidelines for competence recognition.

Sirpa Tuomi, JAMK, chairperson
Katja Räsänen, EduFutura

Transitions to secondary and higher education

reviews and models the several available measures supporting these transitions, so that secondary stage students would have plenty of clear paths to familiarise themselves with higher education and different fields, and to allow their smooth transition from upper secondary school and vocational studies to universities.

Risto Sarvilinna, Gradia, chairperson
Katja Räsänen, EduFutura

Developing guidance

reviews what kinds of services and support the students and staff need and which of these measures would be reasonable to implement as shared services between all EduFutura organisations.

Jaana Kettunen, JYU, chairperson
Katja Räsänen, EduFutura