ICT and applied cybersecurity

Cyber security is a subject that applies to us all. In recent decades, our daily lives have changed rapidly, and there is no end in sight for this trend. Information systems, data networks and software – the cyber world – is now used for managing nearly all daily errands and affairs.

Cyber security means the security of this cyber world. It means managing the different threats against the cyber world and securing the correct, disturbance-free operations of the cyber world.

The field of cyber security teaches you to understand the building block of an information society, to test their reliability and prevent the threats targeted at them. All discovered defects can be repaired. This will allow us to facilitate the operations of society, which is becoming increasingly dependent on its electronic systems.

Currently, cyber security studies are available at the University of Jyväskylä and the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. Both institutes also work together in providing education and studies in the field.

Cyber security needs professionals of many skills. After graduation, your title could be, for example:

  • security expert
  • security engineer
  • data security consultant
  • system specialist
  • software testing engineer
  • cyber security researcher
  • cybercrime investigator
  • cyber defence designer
  • suunnittelija

Spearhead team of ICT and applied cyber security

Niko Kiviaho, JAMK, chairperson
Jaana Virtanen, Gradia 
Jari Hautamäki, JAMK
Jarkko Helin, Gradia
Hannu Luostarinen, JAMK
Sanna Mönkölä, JYU
Jarkko Pirkkalainen, JYU