Health, rehabilitation, well-being and physical activity

The duty and mission of the health, rehabilitation, well-being and physical activity spearhead area is to promote the cooperation of EduFutura educational institutes for developing competence and education as well as R&D&I operations in the fields of health, rehabilitation, well-being and exercise. The spearhead area’s operators will work closely together – regionally, nationally and internationally. The focus area of the spearhead team is the importance of exercise and rehabilitation as part of the promotion of health and well-being in education and R&D&I operations.

The spearhead team of health, rehabilitation, well-being and physical activity coordinates and defines the focal points and action plan of the spearhead area, based on the EduFutura strategy. The action plan’s practical measures are designed and implemented by operative subteams. The spearhead area’s operative subteams are: multidisciplinary rehabilitation; exercise and sports; and social services and healthcare.

Spearhead team of Health, rehabilitation, well-being and physical activity

Mirja Immonen, JAMK, chairperson
Pertti Malkki, JAMK
Ari Heinonen, JYU
Taija Juutinen, JYU
Sami Kalaja, EduFutura
Jukka Koivisto, Gradia
Mika Rantala, Gradia
Niina Helin, EduFutura

Subteams of health, rehabilitation, well-being and physical exercise

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation

The objective of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation subteam is to develop the educational selection available in the rehabilitation field and reinforce the research and development cooperation between the EduFutura organisations. The expanding rehabilitation study selection allows students to develop their competence diversely. In research and development, identifying the shared research themes and the strengths of organisations will create the basis for synergic promotion of R&D&I operations.

Chairperson Sanna Sihvonen, JAMK

Exercise and sports

Through regular work and actions, the exercise and sports subteam aims to reinforce EduFutura educational institutes’ role in sports and exercise as part of Jyväskylä’s status as the Capital of Sports and promote the visibility of sports and exercise in the EduFutura educational institutes and in Jyväskylä. In addition to this, the group strives to promote cooperation between the EduFutura educational institutes, strengthen the synergy benefits of this work and promote sensible use of resources. 

Chairperson Markus Rämä, Gradia

Social services and healthcare

The social services and healthcare subteam strives to create a future view, with objectives and development targets included, of cooperation to be carried out in the social services and healthcare fields of the EduFutura educational institutes. This strategic work will clarify the cooperation and helps find the shared goals of the different operators as well as their roles in the cooperation, both in creating new and maintaining the existing operations.

EduFutura’s social services and health care strategy communicates the vitality and future orientation of EduFutura at a regional, national and international level and states their goal of carrying out strategic partnership work with the research, development and innovation operators and education providers of the wellbeing services county of Central Finland.

With the well-being services and county reform, our shared goals will be to meet the labour needs of the field in our region and develop the opportunities of life-long learning by utilising our joint infrastructure, our research, development and innovation platforms, and our multi- and interdisciplinary scientific work.

The preparatory stage of the strategy was launched in November 2021 and will continue until summer 2022, after which the team will start to implement and introduce the strategy by working together with all the operators in the well-being services sector.

Chairperson Jaana Mäkelä, JAMK