Finnish music campus

The Finnish Music Campus is a development unit for music, dance and applied arts formed by JAMK University of Applied Sciences, the University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia.

You can start your journey at the Finnish Music Campus as a baby by attending the musical playschool and then continuing on to basic education in the arts and progress through the Schildt general upper secondary school music track and the Gradia vocational upper secondary qualification of music all the way to higher education. JAMK University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä offer degree programmes in music pedagogy, music teaching and expertise in the field of culture. The Music Campus also offers post-graduate study options all the way to doctorates.

Expertise across institutional borders

The Finnish Music Campus offers music professionals a unique viewpoint to music pedagogy, research and development in the field.

Expertise can be utilised across institutional borders with the help of EduFutura Jyväskylä. The Music Campus is one of EduFutura Jyväskylä’s focus areas, enabling students to embark on study paths that are more flexible than before and take a fresh new approach to learning.

The new facilities were commissioned in early 2021

The expansion of the Finnish Music Campus was completed in early 2021, and now the JAMK and Gradia music teaching and basic art education all take place under the same roof. Two new premises were built in the expansion, housing such facilities as a concert hall for 200 people, a multi-purpose hall, two dance rooms, teaching facilities and building services control rooms. The expansion provided modern teaching facilities as well as updated audio and lighting technology. The new facilities strengthen the Finnish Music Campus’s position as the leading development community of music and applied arts.

suomalaisen musiikkikampuksen laajennuksen havainnekuva, rakennus

Events all year through

Numerous top experts in culture and arts, vocational students and enthusiastic hobbyists operate at the Music Campus.

The shared TEKOJA event series organised by the Music Campus features many high-class events each year; concerts, gigs, seminars, public lectures, public defences of doctoral theses, public events and larger co-productions with local arts organisations. In addition to these, the campus also hosts regular performances of top musicals and operas, and you have the chance to listen to some of the Music Campus’s own songwriters, future professionals, in the REC JKL showcase for creative music production.

The Music Campus engages in close cooperation with educational institutions in different branches, the Foundation for Music Promotion in Central Finland and professional organisations in the field of arts and music, such as Jyväskylä City Theatre and Jyväskylä Sinfonia.

Spearhead team of Finnish Music Campus

Hannu Ikonen, JAMK, chairperson
Sirpa Eskelä-Haapanen, JYU
Eva Halme, JAMK
Heikki Hanka, JYU
Olli Heikkinen, JYU, student representative (Pedaali) 
Jarmo Kivelä, Gradia
Jukka Koivisto, Gradia
Riikka Lahtonen, Gradia
Pertti Malkki, JAMK
Suvi Saarikallio, JYU
Esa Viirret, JYU