EduFutura professors

Two Professor of Practice positions have been founded in Jyväskylä through EduFutura cooperation.

Doctor of Sports Science Sami Kalaja started his work in the role of Professor of Practice of Sports in February 2019. Sami Kalaja is an international top expert of sports and exercise as well as teaching and learning at different stages of education. He is one of the most popular sports coach trainers in Finland and a well-known lecturer in the themes of learning skills and growing into an athlete. Sami Kalaja has also been involved in designing the national sports curriculum of comprehensive education as well as the coaching curriculum of sports-oriented upper stage comprehensive schools. Additionally, he has worked in management and development roles of comprehensive education for a long time. At EduFutura, Kalaja’s special focus has been the building of the EduFutura Sport Path together with the City of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä Sports Academy and EduFutura institutes.

Professor Emeritus Jouni Välijärvi was the Professor of Practice of Education at EduFutura 2017–2019. Jouni Välijärvi is especially well-known for his merits related to PISA. As a researcher of educational systems and an active discussion partner, he has been influential in the development of both comprehensive and upper secondary education as well as Finnish teacher education. In his EduFutura professor role, Jouni Välijärvi developed and designed the reform of learning, supporting the spearhead team, and conducted a review to further improve EduFutura’s management system.

EduFutura professori Sami Kalaja
Professor of Practice of Sports Sami Kalaja.
EduFutura professori Jouni Välijärvi
Professor of Practice of Education, Emeritus Jouni Välijärvi.