Building EduFutura

Katja Räsänen

Katja reforms learning

Education Planner Katja Räsänen, coordinates the operations of the spearhead team and sub-teams of Learning reform and develops cross-institutional studies and, in particular, EduFutura’s online course catalogue. Katja works closely together with teacher and student teams as well as other EduFutura operators.

Contact information: Education Planner Katja Räsänen,, + 358 40 145 4863

Individual, flexible study paths at EduFutura.

Largest selection in Finland for secondary school students.

Niina supports the spearhead teams

Specialist Niina Helin supports the EduFutura spearhead teams. Her duties are focused on supporting the spearhead areas of exercise, health, well-being and rehabilitation, as well as entrepreneurship and business.

Contact information: Senior Specialist, Development and Projects Niina Helin,, +358 40 341 5317

Spearhead areas become competence clusters of learning, research and development.

Tiina Riuttanen peukuttaa

Tiina gives tips for communication

Communications specialist Tiina Riuttanen develops, designs and implements EduFutura’s communications while working closely together with the communication and marketing operations of the different educational institutes. Tiina also manages the Student Forum. EduFutura’s official post and other deliveries are addressed to Tiina.

Contact information: Communications Specialist,  +358 40 341 5853. Street addres: Gradia Campus of Viitaniemi A1, 40720 Jyväskylä. Postal address: Gradia Jyväskylä, PL 472, FI-40101 Jyväskylä

Students included in EduFutura’s development.

Student city Jyväskylä gives EduFutura a great place to grow.”

Sami Kalaja ja korispallo

Sami supports sports

Sami Kalaja, Professor of Practice in the field of sports and athletics, is building the EduFutura Sport Path, which aims to support the integration of studies and professional sports. He strives to deepen the cooperation between educational institutes, schools and key operators in the sports field.

The contract parties and financiers of the position of Professor of Practice of Sports comprise Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä together with the City of Jyväskylä and the Jyväskylä Sports Academy.

Contact information: Professor of Practice of Sports Sami Kalaja, , +358 40 823 4818

“EduFutura’s Sport Path combines studies, athletic training and smooth daily life.”


“The best among the best, coached by the best.”

Mies heittää termosmukia

Miksu produces events

Producer Mikael Minkkinen can usually be found at the Finnish Music Campus. Miksu is involved in the art and science production of EduFutura, especially those of the Music Campus.

Contact information: Producer Mikael Minkkinen,,  +358 40 836  8912

Music Campus brings the talents from different educational institutes together.”

We work together with culture operators in Jyväskylä for our productions.”

Jaana Mäkelä

Jaana coordinates social services and healt care strategy

Jaana Mäkelä is on duty 15.11.2021 – 31.5.2022. 

Contact information:  Social Services and Health Care Strategy Coordinator Jaana Mäkelä,, +358 400 917 386


”Social services and health care strategy in cooperation with stakeholders .

Nainen hymyilee

Maria provides technical support

Maria Hämäläinen provides assistance in technical matters, especially to the spearhead team of Learning Reform. Her assignments includees feedback surveys and reporting their results as well as administrative duties of cross-institutional studies.

Contact information: Technical assistant, +358 50 442 6556


“Please be active and fill in any feedback surveys from EduFutura.”

“The surveys give us more information for improving EduFutura even further.”

EduFutura´s Development Team

Development Director Leena Liimatainen, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMK, +358 40 821 9435,
Development Director Jarkko Pirkkalainen, Jyväskylän yliopisto, +358 40 737 3364,
Development Director Anu Tokila, Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia, + 358 40 341 5141,

EduFutura coordinators 

JAMK: Coordinator Katja Räsänen, +358 40 145 4863,
Gradia: Project Manager Mira Ruth-Viitanen, +358 40 341 5832,
JYU: Planner Sanna Vierimaa, +358 50 439 2260, Senior Specialist Terhi Skaniakos, +358 40 805 3374,
Open University: Susanna Nummi or Paula Savela

EduFutura coordinators at upper secondary schools

Lyseo: Minna Lehtonen
Schildt: Markku Leskelä
Norssi: Hanna Närhi

EduFutura coordinators at vocational education

Tourism and restaurant and catering sectors: Mira Ahtila
Logistics, construction and machine and production technology: Juha Toivanen
Gradia Jämsä, all sectors: Risto-Matti Koskinen
Music: Mia Kärkkäinen
Social and health care sectors: Anu Nieminen
Business and entrepreneurship: Minna Paavilainen
Social and health care sectors, sports and joint degree studies: Markus Rämä
Other sectors: Mira Ruth-Viitanen
Contact information: