Growth Hacking

Registration period 15.8.2022–15.1.2023. Lectures 16.1.2023–19.3.2023. This course focuses on growing your digital marketing results faster through growth hacking techniques, methods, tools, and practices! The student will understand the benefits of the most useful metrics such as lean analytics, web traffic, digital conversion funnels, Lifetime Value, and Customer Acquisition Cost. A continuous experimentation model is introduced to guide business growth through rapid experiments. Experiments may involve a combination of marketing, software development, sales, service design, and analytics techniques. A basic understanding of web technologies (e.g., online marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization) is beneficial for the course.

Course: TJTS5703

Credits: 5

Organizer: University of Jyväskylä Faculty of Information Technology

To whom: Jamk student, JYU student