Advanced Software Business

Registration period: 15.8.2022 – 12.1.2023. Lectures 13.1.2023–19.3.2023. This course contains following themes related to work of a development director or a non-technical project manager in a software enterprise: Economics and organisation of project business, service business and product firms; Management structures and internal operation in a software enterprise in general and in software development (including traditional, lean and kanban); Business models in software firms; Processes of a software firm (e.g. product roadmapping and product strategies, licensing, IPR and legal issues, international operations); and Strategy and positioning themes (e.g. platforms, components, multi-sided market theories, modularity of software offering, positioning firm value creation in networks/ecosystems). This course assumes that you have already completed your bachelor’s studies and you are currently doing your master’s or doctoral studies.

Course: TJTS5701

Credits: 5

Organizer: University of Jyväskylä Faculty of Information Technology

To whom: Jamk student, JYU student