Esports coaching

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Enrolment by 12.2.2023 at the latest. The students gain knowledge to understand eSport as a business and the personal point of view to coaching (coaching philosophy), and the meaning of physiology and psychology. The students gain skills to build teams and assign roles, knowledge to understand rules & requlations and the meaning of statisctics (analysis).

Course: HTP20840

Credits: 5

Organizer: Jamk School of Business

To whom: JYU student, upper secondary school student, vocational student

Restriction: Participant is required to have a team or an individual gamer to coach.

Clinical biomechanics

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Enrolment has ended. More information about next enrolment will be announced later. In this course, basic biomechanical concepts are integrated into a clinical framework. Students are expected to contribute with their own background knowledge to the multidisciplinary group work. Preliminary knowledge of basic anatomy and biomechanics is needed.

Course: BMES1001

Credits: 5

Organizer: University of Jyväskylä Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

To whom: Jamk student

Restriction: This course is for students in the JAMK Master of Health Care, DP in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy programme and the students in the JYU Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.